Robin Garvin
Office: (949) 252-8400
Cell: (562) 489-6268
(Director, SoCal Kids)



Kirkley Peterson
(Team Leader, SoCal Royal Rangers)


Christine Kelly
Office: (949) 252-8692
(Administrative Assistant)


SoCal Royal Rangers General Staff:


Ed Burke | cmdr_burke@yahoo.com
FCF Scribe

Harold Burke | harold.burke@gmail.com
Western Division Leader

Timm Waller | baja.socal.rr@gmail.com
Baja Division Leader

Tom Fuette | tomfuette@hotmail.com
Shoreline Division Leader

Chuck Garcia | sanjoaquindivision@yahoo.com
San Joaquin Division Leader

Perry Gerdes | pgerdes@ci.banning.ca.us
Mountain Division Leader

Dav Green | noknot@msn.com
Training Coordinator

John Kennedy |rrfcfrepsd@gmail.com
FCF President

Mike Shinn | mtsshinn@aol.com
Diamond Valley Division Leader

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Name: Royal Rangers
Phone: (949) 252-8400
Fax: (949) 252-8435
Address: 17951 Cowan Irvine, CA 92614